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Accenting the Weaker Side

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Nina Pará

The Teacher:


Nina started teaching in 2005. Now she has almost 20
years of experience in teaching the art of playing the drums
. She had excellent teachers since she began playing drums, which also helped her to create her personality and way of teaching. The teachers who most influenced her were Dom Famularo, Douglas Las Casas and Aquiles Priester. Today she applies much of what she learned in her classes, whether in content or in interaction with the student, encouragement, organization, perseverance, etc.

"If you want a teacher who takes you to
another level playing drums, you can count on Nina. She knows how to identify where you are today and help develop your weak points to make you reach your goals." Bruno Cavancante (student)

If you are a total beginner, this is even better! The teacher will already start teaching you the way she learned, making your development faster and fun.

Online Lessons

Classes via Zoom.

The teacher maintains the appropriate equipment to teach online classes. Excellent audio and video quality (2 cameras). The pdf material is sent by email, as well as the playalongs in mp3.
To take online classes, students will need the following equipment:

- A notebook, tablet or cell phone with camera and audio
- A good internet connection (wifi)
- The camera must allow the teacher to see the student at his practice room, with practice pad, acoustic or eletronic drums.

More testimonials about Nina's teaching:

"I still have a video of Nina's hands on the practice pad showing, slowly and calmly,

the whipping motion of the Moeller technique. This was a turning point on my learning,

it made a giant difference on my technique. She is an excellent drummer, and also an excellent teacher!"

Luis Derani, former student

“To study with Nina is always a learning experience, lots of fun, therapy and friendship”.

Naila Quintão, student

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