Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Nina Pará started her interest in music as a teenager. Wheh she was 15 years old, she began guitar lessons and, by the age of 18, she changed to the drums, after watching a show of Mike Stern Trio, which had the legendary Dennis Chambers on drums. Since then, Nina's focus was totally on drums. At first, her teachers were Jorge Aniello, Ronald Turnbull and later Douglas Las Casas, Aquiles Priester, Christiano Rocha, Stephane Chamberland and Dom Famularo. Nowadays she studies with Cuca Teixeira.


Her influences on music are rock, with a particular taste for heavy metal and progressive rock. However, Brazilian music is also part of her universe.

The beginning of her professional life was playing in São Paulo rock bands. In 2002 she joined "Barra da Saia" band - composed only of women. During this work, Nina had the opportunity to tour in Brazil, performing concerts at various cities of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Paraná and Rondônia.

Since then, Nina joined various projects and bands - all very important in their musical growth as Illustria, Kavla, LACME and Punkake. She also had the opportunity to record and release albums with these groups. Another highlight was working with the singer-songwriter Landau. With him, Nina played between 2009 and 2011, playing shows in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul.



In December 2014, Nina released her first solo album. HeartBeat has seven instrumental tracks, and has great musicians playing, such that Lucas Bittencourt, Tatiana Pará, Fernanda Horvath, Geraldo Vieira, Bozzo Barretti, Sintia Piccin and Richard Fermino. In July 2015, Nina's trio, Lucas Bittencourt (guitar) and Fabio Sena (bass), released the album playing a show at Souza Lima Institute, in São Paulo / SP.

Besides her solo album, Nina Pará plays in three diferent bands today:

RONALDO E OS IMPEDIDOS - brazilian rock band, featuring the singer Ronaldo Giovanelli, former goalkeeper of Corinthians and TV presenter. The group is currently on tour and just released the EP "Where is Rock 'N Roll".




LEBRAINZ - instrumental trio that has in its repertoire the songs on the album HeartBeat, Nina Pará, as well as compositions that are in the EP of Lucas Bittencourt. The bass player Fábio Sena also make part of the project. The group is working on their own songs. They intend to release the album in the end of 2016.

PUNKAKE, renowned band of Curitiba, with over 10 years of road, formed only by women. The drummer joined the band in 2015 to record the next album of the quartet with the renowned producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Helloween, etc.). The album will be released soon.

SUCK MY MAGIK - famous cover band of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nina Pará also gives drum lessons for over 10 years now. Since 2005, she did a lot of clinics and master classes in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul.

In 2013, she was invited to joined the team of columnists of Modern Drummer Magazine Brazil, the most important magazine about drums in the country.

The drummer is endorsed by Pearl, Vic Firth, Sabian, Dudu Portes Luen, the virtual store Batera Clube and by the manufacturer of bags AleBags.


Lacme - Reverse - 2008
Lacme - Reverse Naked - 2008
Kavla - Surreal - 2008
Lacme - Mantras e Repetições de Rock - 2009
Illustria - Demons of War - 2009
Crats - Way - 2012
Lucas Bittencourt - 2012 
Nina Pará - HeartBeat - 2014
Ronaldo e os Impedidos - Onde está o Rock N' Roll - 2016


Phone: 11 99643-9903

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